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Nate Robertson not long for the rotation?

Nate Robertson, it seems, may have worn out his welcome in the Marlins rotation.

The Marlins may be trying to trade Nate Robertson, but the big lefty didn’t do anything tonight to boost his trade value.

He gave up eight runs (seven earned) in five innings in Florida’s most lopsided loss of the year, 10-0 to the Rockies.

Expect Robertson to get something of a change of scenery: If he’s not traded, indications are he’s on his way to the bullpen.

If he goes to the ‘pen, LHP Sean West could get called up from Class AAA New Orleans as his replacement.

Let me help out here a bit.  Of course the Marlins are looking to trade him; he is the highest paid player on the team.  The Marlins somehow convinced the Tigers to eat almost all of his salary, which is a good thing, but the fact still remains he is making $10 million this year.  If I remember correctly, and there is no guarantee that I do, if he pitches 200 innings this season the Marlins will have to pony up a million dollars.  Fortunately for Loria, there is no stinking way he will reach that mark, so the Fish are safe.

The best thing the Marlins can do is to try and unload him and get anything someone will give us.  Now, show casing him in the bullpen at this point may bring extra value, though I doubt it.  Most of the playoff contenders have a decent rotation and aren't looking to add a coin flip starter into the mix.  But a lefty out of the pen, maybe.

Simply moving Nate to the pen doesn't mean a slot is open on the roster.  Someone has to go down.  If this should happen, I would guess that Jhan Marinez's cup of coffee is over.

Seeing how Sean West has been inconsistent here of late--in two of his last four starts he hasn't seen the fourth inning from the mound--I would guess that Rick VandenHurk will get the call before West.  However, the odds-on favorite is Chris Volstad.  Yeah, I know that would give us an all-righty rotation, but it has been done before with success.  Now everything written here is just speculation, and I'm not just talking about me.  But whatever happens, there is no way Nate will be a Marlin next season and if the team can get something (a bag of balls), anything (a couple of hot dogs) it will be a lot more than just letting him walk at the end of the season.