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Ted Simmons under consideration?

Seeing how there is a lot buzz about this, though I don't why, I will link to it.

This link was sent via email yesterday.  Tom Krasovic from Fan House reports:

Marlins to Consider Padres' Ted Simmons for Managerial Opening.

it has been my experience that Fan House is very credible in these matters.  But honestly, I couldn't care less at this point in the season since Edwin Rodriguez is the manager for the the rest of the season.  This is offseason stuff and means next to nothing now, especially considering the non-waiver trade deadline is looming large.  Also there is still a lot of the baseball season left.  The Marlins will reexamine the managerial situation sometime during the offseason and I'm sure that there will be several names mentioned which may include Ted Simmons, but for now, there are other things on the plate.  Come the offseason, we cover this in more depth.  But should you find this interesting, click on the link and read away.