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Chris Coghlan could return today

It is possible that Chris Coghlan could return to the lineup for tonight's game.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

Chris Coghlan could return to the lineup today.

His strained back improved Monday and Rodriguez hopes he's available at least to pinch hit and possibly start in left field. Coghlan was limited to treatment on Monday and will report early on Tuesday to see how his back reacts to baseball activities.

If there is any doubt, I'm sure Coghlan won't be starting.  The front office of the Marlins is trying once again to shove Emilio Bonifacio down our throats and Boni gave them every excuse to send him out there again after last tonight.  It is not that I have anything personally against Mr. Bonifacio, he is probably a great guy, but he has yet to prove that he is major league ready.  Oh sure, every now and then he has a good game.  But eventually, the law of averages catches up with him and he becomes a hole on defense and offense.

Someday, I hope, the front office will realize that they gave away Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen for next to free.  And it doesn't make me feel any better when Rich and Tommy attribute everything from a peanut vender increasing their sells, to Gaby getting a hit to the fact that Bonifacio is fast.  But enough about that.

The main point of this post, which is not about Bonifacio, it is that Coghlan may soon return.  Given the fact he won't be going on the DL, expect him to be rusty when he does return. But he will eventually work through that.  With that said, back injuries are tough and they have a way of reoccurring therefore it is best to err on the side of caution.   Having Bonifacio subbing for Coghlan isn't a bad thing at the moment but it isn't something anyone wants to see in the long run.