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Octavio Dotel to the Marlins?

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There is a rumor floating around that the Marlins are interested in the services of Octavio Dotel.

Ed Price writes the following at FanHouse:

The Marlins -- who have used 18 relievers, most in the majors -- have inquired about Pirates closer Octavio Dotel, according to a major league source.


...Dotel makes $3.25 million this year, but his 2011 team option for $4.5 million becomes a mutual option if he is traded.

As the article mentions, Dotel is the closer for the Pirates.  I doubt the Marlins are looking for a new closer; more than likely he would be used in the set up role or maybe in the seventh inning.  It would be nice to have a second reliever who had closer experience in case the Marlins ever go on a long winning streak.

Seeing how it's the Pirates, I would expect the Marlins would have to pay his salary for the rest of the season.  But really that isn't all that much in real baseball terms.  Now in Marlins baseball terms, we will see.

Anyway, it is a rumor that is out there.  Whether anything comes of it, only time will tell, but the bullpen most definitely needs help.