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Chris Coghlan is day-to-day

Chris Coghlan tweaked his back and it showed on a third strike swing in last night's game.

Clark Spencer has the details.

Chris Coghlan left Saturday's game with a back strain stemming from a diving catch on Friday. Coghlan won't play Sunday and it's possible he could be out longer. Emilio Bonifacio took over for Coghlan and manager Edwin Rodriguez said Bonifacio would start Sunday and bat leadoff.

 Coghlan said he felt discomfort while taking batting practice before Saturday's game but felt okay to play. Rodriguez detected an awkward swing when Coghlan struck out swinging in the fifth and decided to take him out.

It appears it is just going to be one of those years.  Now comes the question of why would anyone let Bonifacio leadoff?  If it just going to be a day or possibly two, I get it.  No need to juggle everyone around.  But putting an out machine who can't field left properly isn't really going to help anything if this turns into a week or so.  While I'm down with the batting order really doesn't matter all that much, I do know this, giving a sorry hitter the most at bats, probably isn't the best strategy.