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Mike Lamb DFA'd, Bryan Petersen recalled

After last nights' game the Marlins designated Mike Lamb for assignment, and trust me, he will clear waivers.  To take his spot on the roster the team recalled Bryan Petersen.

Let me give you a little recent history about the transactions of both of these players.

Mike Lamb was DFA'd on May 6th. Only to be recalled on May 27th.  He was then again DFA'd on June 6th and recalled once again on June 18th.  And was up with the club until last night.

Bryan Petersen was called up on May 7th only to be sent down on May 13th.  Petersen was once again called up on May 15th.  But that didn't last long when he was once again sent down on May 26th.

Petersen wasn't recalled because of his hitting abilities.  I'm going to present the slash stats a little differently in this post to drive home a point.  What I'm going with is BA/OPS.  Here they are the Triple-A numbers for Mr. Petersen.

May .250/.680

June .258/.643

July .179/.561

Actually, those are quite good compared to his major league stats for this season of .063/.180.

What it amounts to is he has been recalled as an insurance policy as someone who can play the outfield.  This time drinking his cup of coffee he will spend almost all of his time keeping Donnie Murphy company on the bench.  And at some point they will have to wrestle to see who gets to sit in the Robert Andino memorial imprint.

In other words, don't expect to see him too often, unless someone gets injured.  And if it is serious enough, he will be gone in a heartbeat to bring up a someone better equipped.  But for now, Bryan Petersen is a Marlin.

Welcome back, Bryan.