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Fish Wrap - Marlins 2, Nationals 0

For the second straight game in the series the winning team shutout the losing team and this time it was the Marlins turn.  But it wasn't without its difficulties.

Josh Johnson started out the game in very non-JJ style.  Nyjer Morgan led off with a single to be followed by Roger Bernadina singling to right to put runners on first and second with no outs.  Ryan Zimmerman flied out to Cody Ross on the fourth pitch of his at bat to move Morgan to third.  Afterwards, Adam Dunn struck out swinging and Josh Willingham lined out to Dan Uggla.  Now, that doesn't sound like the greatest but it also doesn't sound all that bad, however, it took 30 pitches in the first to make that happen. And that would cost later on.

The Marlins did nothing on offense until the second when Danny reach on a Ian Desmond error to leadoff the inning, Jorge Cantu singled Danny to second.  With one out Michael Stanton walked to load the bases and Ronny Paulino hit a kind of a bloop single to center field to score Danny and Jorge.  This would end the scoring for the game.

After which JJ never really hit his stride.  The Nationals hitters would take him deep into the count getting a single here and there but nothing would come of it.  Josh pretty much had to battle all night and due to the number of pitches thrown he would last only six innings.

Not to mention the Marlins circus of fielding setup the tent.  I don't remember who was batting, I really need to start scoring the games, but that aside, Cantu and Paulino let a harmless foul ball drop between them since no one wanted to take charge.  Sadly, this theme would recur again later in the game.  Since Cantu should've been the one to catch the ball I will assign blame to him.  Fortunately for the two the hometown scorer decided it was just a foul ball and not an error.  And luckily for the Marlins, it didn't factor into the scoring.

In the fourth, after Adam Kennedy singled with two outs and stole second, Desmond hit a grounder to Danny who misplayed it, but it really wasn't a easy play, and Kennedy thought he could score from second.  When Danny noticed that Kennedy was trying to score there was this look on his face that said: "You have got to be kidding me."  He threw a perfect strike to Paulino who was stationed in front of home plate with the body language of: "Go ahead and take the next two strides and slide, you are so out."  And out he was.

Everything was cruising along until the seventh when Jose Veras gave up a leadoff single to Desmond.  Morgan hit a bunt single to put runners on first and second.  With two outs and Ryan Zimmerman at the plate he hit a shot that would've given the Nationals the lead, but fortunately it just curved foul.  Zimmerman would later strikeout.

Clay Hensley pitched a perfect eighth.  It is what K-lay does.

Leo Nunez came on for the save.  Leo struck out Kennedy and induce Desmond into a ground out.  So far so good.  Cristian Guzman pinch hit for the pitcher and hit an easily catchable fly ball to shallow left.  Naturally Bonifacio let it fall between him and Hanley to bring the trying run to the plate.  No big deal for Leo, he just struck out Morgan to end the game.

The series is even, now let's see if the Marlins can win it.