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The Marlins are making changes

Edwin Rodriguez is thinking about making some changes to the batting order and one is very disturbing.

Clark Spencer has the story.

Look for a new lineup when the Marlins open the second half on Friday against Super Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals. Manager Edwin Rodriguez says he wants to shake things up to generate some consistent offense.

Rodriguez said he has tinkered with about nine different lineups, so there's nothing certain for now. But he's said there's a "very good" chance Mike Stanton will move up a bit, most likely to the sixth spot. And he says he would prefer Chris Coghlan to hit in the second spot, but that creates a whole new problem of locating a leadoff hitter. Emilio Bonifacio's name came up, but in order to play Bonifacio and plug him into the leadoff spot, Rodriguez remarked someone else would have to sit, and he likes the outfield the way it is, with Coghlan, Stanton and Cody Ross.

 Could a trade be near? Stay tuned.

I guess they could reverse the order of Chris Coghlan and Gaby Sanchez since Gaby has a better on base percentage and slugging percentage but if you run Baseball Musings Lineup Analysis it doesn't change the expected runs scored at all.  However, while most of the optimal run scoring lineups have Hanley batting first, Gaby does show up with his fair share of leading off.  You have to understand this assumes that every player will hit the same no matter where they bat in the order.  And frankly, that is not how humans work, some feel more comfortable in batting in certain holes.  Batting eighth is different than batting sixth and requires a different approach at times.  But running the analysis is a fun exercise.

Now to the elephant in the room, Emilio Bonifacio leading off?  They have got to be kidding, the man has a lifetime .301 OBP.  That isn't a leadoff hitter that is an out waiting to happen.  And not to mention he would be next in order behind the pitcher which makes it two low OBP in a row as the game goes deeper.  This experiment has been tried before and it failed miserably.  Bonifacio leading is off is like Jason from the movie "Halloween" try as you might to kill it, it keeps coming back to life.  I can't believe they are still thinking about doing this.

Option one: for Bonifacio to be placed in the lineup and if Edwin is serious about liking the outfield as it stands, either Jorge Cantu, Dan Uggla or Gaby is going to have to sit.  I find it laughable to think that anyone in their right mind would sit either of the three down in order to play Bonifacio on a regular basis.  That is just not going to happen.

So that leaves option two: a trade will take place opening up a spot for him on the team, not that he deserves it.  Most likely candidates to be traded are, of course, Cody, Cantu and Danny.  And as we all know, this could very well happen.  I sincerely doubt that any of the three will be with us at the start of next season.  The non-waiver trade deadline is July 31 and the Marlins may be getting an early start.  And that is the only way Bonifacio is going to leadoff for the Marlins on a regular basis and if that happens, it will totally suck.