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Triple-A, All-Star Game - Marlins style

Last night was the Triple-A All-Star game and if you saw it you have a better cable provider than I do.  For the last several years it has shown up on my television but it didn't last night, much to my dislike.  I ended up watching the Tour de France.  Nothing against the Tour de France, it amazes me how someone can ride over a hundred miles up and down mountains and get up the next day to do it again.  I once rode a bicycle 100 miles and decided I would never do that again since there wasn't any beer at the rest stations.  Something gives me the idea that my attitude wasn't quite right.

But I digress.  In the Triple-A All-Star game, the Marlins had one lone representative: Hector Luna.  Hector didn't have the greatest of nights going 0-2 but did get to play some third base.

A Marlins blast from the past had a little better night, Nate Bump pitched an inning in relief in front of his home state crowd and allowed no runs.  In doing so, he had his family in attendance which meant a lot to him.

The game ended with the International League winning 2-0 to continue their recent dominance by winning six of the last eight games played.  But if history is any indicator, that won't last forever.