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MLB Amateur Draft - Day Three

This is the final day of the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft where the teams will be selecting rounds 31 - 50.  This is the speed round of the draft, the teams select players fast and furious.  Normally players selected in these rounds are just picked to fill out the minor league system and so that the prospects can have some teammates with which to play.  However, it is very possible to make the Majors from being drafted in the final rounds.  It's not easy, but it has happened.

If the Marlins are having a hard time deciding on a player to take in round 50, I would like to offer my services.  And I promise, if selected, I will not sign, so the club doesn't have to worry about me showing up and embarrassing the organization.  Not that the 50th pick normally is an embarrassment, but if I were selected and showed up for workouts, I would.  Just wanted to let the Marlins know I am available.

If you would like to follow along, as always:

Draft Central

Or if you are doing it by phone:

Mobile Draft.

Round 3 starts at noon.