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MLB Amateur Draft - Day Two

Today the team will select it's 2-30 round draft picks.  It was interesting last night that the Comp Round A was still going on at 3:00 a.m.  The Marlins, of course, didn't have a Comp Round A selection, and they haven't in years.  That would require the team to offer arbitration to a Class A free-agent, the Marlins don't do that.

The early rounds today matter.  About 2-7 and seven is probably stretching it do show up in the Majors from time to time.  After that, the teams are hoping to fill the slots so the prospects have teammates to play with.  It doesn't mean you can't shine and make the big club from a lower draft pick, it is just harder is all.

The Marlins will have the 73rd and 104th selection and then the Comp Round B will start.  Which the Marlins will not be participating.  After that the fourth round will begin where the Marlins pick 137th.  Where the Marlins pick after that I can't remember, you either add 30 or 29 to last pick, but whatever the case, it will be close enough to find who the Marlins choose.

Once again, you can follow along at:

MLB Draft Central

Or if you want to do it by phone:

 MLB Mobile Draft

The festivities start at noon.