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Mike Stanton, Rick VandenHurk, Emilio Bonifacio called up

The Marlins called up Mike Stanton, Rick VandenHurk and Emilio Bonifacio.  In order to make some room, Mike Lamb was designated for assignment removing him from the 25-man and 40-man roster.  Brett Carroll and Tim Wood were optioned to New Orleans.

Stanton is, as you should know, a corner outfielder and the demotion of BC kinda indicates how the team plans to use him.  No, he won't get the Carroll treatment, he will actually get to play.  The Marlins are probably going to work some sort of a platoon with Stanton, Maybin and Coghlan.  But with Coghlan starting to hit, expect it will be Maybin's playing time that is cut short.  Which is never a good deal when dealing with a 23 year old.  But we will see how it shakes out.  If Stanton can hit major league pitching, and no one knows whether he can or not at this point in his career, and Maybin continues to struggle, expect Cameron to be sent to New Orleans eventually so he can get regular playing time.  If they both hit, expect the Marlins to seriously start shopping Cody Ross.  Should Cody be traded it will signal the Marlins are in rebuilding mode and not trying to win this season.  If they do win, that will be gravy.

With the Suns, Stanton was hitting .311/.441/.726 which I don't need to tell you is pretty darn good.  However, don't expect the 20 year old to replicate those numbers in the Bigs.  The high OBP is due mainly to an increase in walks this year from pitchers in Double-A not wanting to pitch to him.  That won't happen in the Majors, at least it won't for now.  Most likely, early on, he will be all or nothing.  Meaning he is either going to knock the cover off the ball or miss it entirely.  The miss it entirely will most likely dominate.

Rick VandenHurk is always a welcomed addition to the staff.  In New Orleans, VandenHurk started 11 games. posting a 4-3 record, which isn't bad on team with a losing record, in 53.2 IP he has allowed 62 H, 29 ER and 19 BB.  Rick will be used out of the pen, at least to begin with.  VandenHurk last started four days ago so he should be available to pitch on Tuesday.

Emilio Bonifacio is back.  In New Orleans he was hitting .274/.339/.360 which is nothing to write home about.  With his addition to the team, it kinda makes you wonder why the club needs both him and Brian Barden, maybe Barden needed a bridge partner.  Whatever the case, the man who the Marlins traded Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen for, returns.

Welcome to the Majors Mr. Stanton, Mr. VandenHurk and Mr. Bonifacio.