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Fish Wrap - Marlins 0, Padres 3

Well, I probably should've done this last night but the busy phone lines in the 10-minute speed round of the auction did take there toll.  So therefore, I have it for you now.

Really, there isn't that much to tell.  Chris Volstad ended up matched in a pitchers duel and he unfortunately blinked first.  Actually, he was the only one who blinked.  Chris was cruising for most of the game but the trouble happened in the seventh when Chase Headley singled and Volstad left a pitch out over the plate that Will Venable put into the "cheap" seats.  The Padres would later tack on another run in the same inning.  The insurance run wasn't needed due to fact the Marlins bats did next to nothing against the Padres pitchers.  Oh, sure, there were some opportunities for the Marlins to score and some promising starts to some innings but that just allowed the Marlins hitters to showoff their hitting into a rally killing double play prowess.  And frankly, they proved to exceedingly good at that.

It was third time the Marlins have been shutout this season.  And to top it off, we didn't win the suite in the auction for the fourth time in four years.  But we did learn something about the auction procedure which could prove valuable in the coming years.

Anyways, it was a night to just shrug your shoulders and admit: it wasn't our night.