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Logan Morrison in left field, eventually

The Marlins organization is grooming Logan Morrison for the outfield.

Morrison is now playing left field "four days a week." Makes you wonder if the Marlins are shopping him for other teams in attempt to bolster the bullpen, or if they're planning on trading a guy like Cody Ross and asking Coghlan to move to center.

"Offensively, I think he's ready for the big leagues," Rodriguez said of Morrision. "Now, it's a matter of finding him a position because it looks like Gaby is going to be there for a long time."

 This is unsurprising in that there will be changes to the team's roster sometime before next season.  I doubt that the club is shopping Cody presently.  More than likely they are getting ready to move Danny either at the trade deadline or after the season is over, and then second will be manned by Coghlan.  Now, I know the front office doesn't put much emphasis on defense when it comes to the everyday lineup, but there is no stinking way that Coghlan will be allowed to be the center fielder.  Stanton, maybe, but Coghlan, never.

While some hate it, Gaby is going to be the first baseman.  He is hitting too well, and he does not have the flexibility of playing in different fielding positions that Logan possess.  Nothing wrong with that.  The trade deadline or the offseason should be interesting.   Cantu and Cody will be free agents and Danny will be incredibly expensive, so none of them may be back with the team.  The minors bears watching to see how the front office is preparing for the changes.  Of course, this is not taking into account whatever the Marlins get in return, should a trade happen.  Because we all know, whatever they get in return is going to play to the point no one can stand it anymore.

To recap: Logan Morrison is being prepped for left field.