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Armando Benitez is back in the organization

The Marlins signed Armando Benitez to a minor league contract.

The never-ending search for inexpensive relief help has brought the Marlins back to.......Armando Benitez.


The Marlins re-discovered Benitez in the independent Atlantic League. In 17 games for the Newark Bears, Benitez had an ERA of 1.00, striking out 27 and walking four in 18 innings. He had six saves.

Didn't the Marlins try this in 2007 and the results just stunk?  One of  the definitions of insanity is trying do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Given that the front office has him getting ready to take over a slot in the Marlins pen, expect to see him in the future wearing a Marlins uniform.  Granted, the bullpen needs middle relief help, but this is no way to go.  Benitez hasn't pitched in the Major Leagues in about two years, and when he did, he sucked.

It is official now, the Marlins front office has gone insane.