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Marlins second round pick pitches today in the CWS

Rob Rassmussen takes the hill for UCLA later today against TCU in the College World Series.

The Bruins are throwing Rob Rasmussen, whose 11-2 record and 2.73 ERA is best among UCLA's starters even though he is No. 3 in the rotation.

UCLA coach John Savage is confident about the matchup.

"We're throwing a second-round pick," Savage said of Rasmussen, who was taken by the Florida Marlins earlier this month. "This guy is pretty good. He was the 73rd player picked in the country. Purke has had a tremendous year, but Rasmussen has also had a good year."

While naturally I want him to do well since the Marlins drafted him, the fact remains he has not signed with the club, so therefore I feel no conflict in rooting for TCU to win the game.  I mean, after all, it is LadyFish's alma mater.  And here at FishStripes, we try to stick together when possible.