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Marlins looking for a New Manager. Is Bobby Valentine the guy?

The Marlins are apparently moving quickly to find a replacement manager.  And by doing so, they can get the Triple-A guys back to the losing record Zephyrs.

JCR said something that was interesting to me.

A big segment of Marlins fans thought Fredi Gonzalez contributed more to the club’s problems than to offering solutions. The front office appeased that group Wednesday morning when they canned Gonzalez, along with bench coach Carlos Tosca and hitting coach Jim Presley.

Exactly who is this big segment, Juan?  I sure as heck haven't met them and they sure don't seem to populate this site or the other Marlins fan sites that I read.  If you ask me, and I'm sure you won't, that is some pretty crappy reporting.  But if poor analysis is your thing, you did one fantastic job.  Congrats.

Now on to other things.  Bobby Valentine is the front runner for the job and JoeCap has this info.

Heard back late tonight from Bobby Valentine, who said he might meet with the Marlins as early as this weekend in Miami to interview for the vacancy created when Fredi Gonzalez was fired this morning.

I have never been a fan of Bobby Valentine.  He was the manager of the Rangers during a time when they had  an incredibly talented young team and he did nothing with them.  And was fired.  Then the Mets decided he was the guy who could lead them to the playoffs, which he actually did, mainly due to the talent level, and they garnered a pennant.  The Mets had more veterans on the team than did the Rangers.  Both had talent, but Valentine did better with the more experienced team. Having veterans all of over the place is not the situation of the Marlins.  But really, that doesn't matter, Loria will have his way.

Loria is good friends with Valentine, who managed the Texas Rangers when Loria owned the club's Class AAA team in Oklahoma in 1989-92.

"The relationship Bobby and Jeffrey have had as friends is not relevant in terms of our managerial search in any way,' Samson said.

 Oh, wow.  David Samson said it won't mean a thing that Loria and Valentine are friends.  Like that weasel Samson has ever told the truth in his life when it comes to Marlins baseball operations.

The Marlins will probably put up a show of interviewing several candidates, or maybe not.  But in the end, Loria will get what he wants, and I suspect that will be that his good friend Bobby Valentine will be the next manager of the Marlins. (Can anyone tell that I'm in a bad mood?)

Bobby Valentine's managerial record.