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Burke Badenhop is close to returning

Larry Beinfest had this to say:

Beinfest said right-hander Burke Badenhop is likely the closest to being recalled. ``We'll give those guys time to get it back, get confident and reevaluate them before bringing them back,'' Beinfest said.

If the Marlins can get a good to go Hopper back in the pen, that will cure a lot of ills.  In Triple A the Hopper has appeared in 8 games with only one start and has logged a 3.47 ERA.  Burke has pitched 11 innings, giving up 10 hits, walking 5 while striking out 7.  None of that is anything to write home about but, it does show some progress.  So I guess we should be happy about that.

Dan Meyer is stinking the place up at the moment.  If the Marlins can get the Hopper and Meyer back to last year's form then we have a chance at making run at playoffs.  If not, I don't believe the revolving door of hopefuls from the minors will be of any help.  But I'm sure that cup of coffee will be nice to partake for the hopefuls.

Your mileage may vary on this.