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Logan Morrison and Ozzie Martinez selected for Futures Game

Unsurprisingly Logan Morrison and Osvalado (Ozzie) Martinez were chosen for the futures game.

The future just got a little brighter for Marlins prospects Logan Morrison and Ozzie Martinez.

Major League Baseball announced on Tuesday the rosters for the XM All-Star Futures Game to be played on July 11 in Anaheim.

Morrison and Martinez were selected to represent the Marlins.

The slash stats of the two are: Logan Morrison .327/.422/.537 and Ozzie Martinez .310/.407/.395.  With the way Gaby Sanchez is performing, expect Morrison to see more time in left field in the minors.  Eventually the Marlins will trade Dan Uggla and Chris Coghlan will take over the second base slot.  Of course, the Marlins could trade or release Jorge Cantu leaving the third base position open, which Gaby could fill, but he really isn't good at that position.  Or at least he hasn't shown much in the way of defensive ability at third in the past.  Then again, the Marlins of recent years kinda view defense as something that is nice to have, but hitting takes prescient.

Ozzie Martinez is totally blocked by Hanley Ramirez and a whole bunch of other players in the positions that he can play.  Expect him to be trade bait in the near future.

If you would like to see the game, look no further than here:

The 12th annual Futures Game can be seen live on MLB.TV, ESPN2 and ESPN2 HD and followed live on's Gameday. In addition, XM Radio will broadcast play-by-play coverage of the event live on XM 175. will also provide complete coverage before, during and after the game.