to the marlins bullpen, real fans please read

please die, just die especially you jorge sosa you and the fucking joke thats killing the marlins and jeffrey loria is just sitting down and watching it happen, this is my last plead PLEASE JEFFREY PLEEEEEAASSSSSEEEEEEEEEE acquire some real relievers i want to see the marlins in the pennant race this year i think im going to launch a petition website to get Jeffrey's attention because hes not making anything happen except a parade of lousy pitchers from AAA and if you disagree tell me who you would put in different inning situations because without clay hensley, its a miracle if we have a lead for leo nunez in the 9th PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JEFFREY PLEASE!!!!!!! i just finished watching us loose the most frustrating game all season the bullpen had like 9 walks in 5 innings pitched or something, just pathetic

we finally got rid of pinto too, time to start the rebuilding process for our bullpen recovery to help the club succeed