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Marlins DFA Renyel Pinto, Prove Existence of God

Sure, the Marlins have had worse relievers in the bullpen than Renyel Pinto, but you certainly wouldn't know it by the skyrocketing blood pressure of 99.97% of fans at the mere mention of the pitcher's name.

The prayers of the masses (sabermaniacs excluded) were answered Wednesday night after a Marlins loss to the Rangers in which Renyel Pinto gave up a home run to Josh Hamilton. Following the loss, the team announced that they had designated Pinto for assignment.

For those rejoicing at the idea of Pinto’s Marlins career being over, let me temper the enthusiasm. The Marlins have 10 days to trade him, release him or outright him to the minors if he clears waivers. I can’t imagine Pinto would be back any time soon, but considering the Marlins are on the hook for the all of his $1.075 million salary, they could keep him at Triple-A rather than give him his outright release.

Then again, maybe the Marlins figure they no longer have any use for a left-hander who can’t get left-handed hitters out. Pinto, who the Marlins activated from the disabled list Tuesday, was allowing a .350 average (7 for 20) to left-handed hitters. 

Tim Wood has been recalled to take Pinto's spot in the bullpen. No word yet on who will take over his Baseball Graffiti Project. 

So who's your least favorite Marlins reliever of all time?