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Andrew Miller still searching for a delivery

Andrew Miller appears to be over the ankle sprain, but the same problem exists.

Left-handed pitcher Andrew Miller, 24, who started 14 games for the Marlins last season, also is in Jupiter now. The former first-round pick is working on his delivery after returning from a sprained ankle. Miller struggled in his first minor-league start April 30. He gave up four hits, three earned runs and walked six despite striking out six.

I will admit, I never liked his delivery when he first came to the Marlins.  It looked like an arm injury waiting to happen.  But the Marlins have messed with him so much that he isn't naturally pitching anymore but spending his time on the mound thinking about his mechanics.  It is fine to worry about mechanics in a bullpen session, but when the game is on, forget the thinking and just do whatever you do.

From what I have been told, Andrew is a good guy and he does have talent, which can't be deigned.  But at this point his mechanics are all screwed up and he has lost confidence in himself.  And a pitcher losing confidence is a very big deal.  Hopefully, as time passes he will find a delivery suited to him.  He was rushed to the Majors--which I think I read somewhere was due to a crappy contract setup by his agent--and then he came to Marlins in a trade.  And in the Marlins usual trade justification style, they threw him into the rotation.

Miller is still young and there is no reason to give up on him.  But don't expect to see anything in near future; he has some work to do.