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Roy Halladay's Accomplishment Enshrined Forever at Marlins Stadium

Roy Halladay's perfect game will be enshrined in the new ballpark.

After Halladay's perfecto Jeffery Loria decided to give Roy Halladay a gift.

Immediately following the Phillies, 1-0, victory, home plate and the pitching rubber were authenticated. The rubber was dislodged on Friday night, with grounds crew...


Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria had the rubber presented to Halladay, who struck out 11 on a night for the ages.

Okay, that's fine.  It was only the 20th perfect ever thrown and it should be rewarded.  No problem there.

The problem comes in here:

After the Marlins rebounded and won on Sunday -- ironically, 1-0 -- the grounds crew was back at work. For several hours after the final out, they dug up home place, which now will be part of Marlins history.

The Marlins are opening their new retractable-roof ballpark in 2012, and the team will recognize its history in the building. The home plate used in Halladay's perfect game will eventually be displayed once the new ballpark opens.

WTF?  Why?

If you want to dig it up and send it to Cooperstown, then fine.  I can get behind that.  But to dig it up and display it at the new stadium like it is something that is wonderful in Marlins history, give me a break.  Hey Loria, I have an idea, why not just commission a statue of Roy Halladay to be sculpted and put in front of the main gate.  Or better yet, commission two statues, one of Halladay and one of Ramon Martinez who no-hit the Marlins on 07-17-1995.  That would even be better.

Displaying home plate from that game is insulting to the Marlins fans.  The new park should be about the Marlins accomplishments, of which there are many.  I mean, who the heck else does this honoring a player who threw a perfect game against them?  I have been to the Texas Rangers new ballpark and they sure don't have anything in the place commemorating Mike Witt's perfect game against them.

I'm all for honoring baseball history, but there is a place for that, and it is New York.

This is absolutely asinine.