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Fish Wrap - Marlins 0, Phillies 1

As Super Saturday kicked off, it really didn't seem there could be anything more painful for Fish fans to sit through than tambourine night at Sun Life Stadium. (Well, except maybe thunder stick or maracas night. It's a toss-up.)

But that was before Roy Halladay decided that as a follow-up to his really sucky previous outing, he should pitch the 20th perfect game in Major League History. Yeah. After that, 20,000 tambourines, maracas, and thunder sticks screeching in unison seemed like heavenly music in comparison.

Despite the hundreds of attempts in the FishStripes open thread to jinx the ace, in game two of the Marlins-Phillies series, Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game. 115 pitches. 11 strikeouts. No hits. No runs, no walks, no errors.  

No mercy.

Josh Johnson may not have been perfect, but he wasn't a slouch on the mound himself. JJ went seven innings, gave up seven hits, and struck out six. Unfortunately, he was the recipient of some bad defense from Cameron Maybin, and the current offensive slumbering of his teammates.

The only run of the game came in the top of the third. Josh gave up a single to Wilson Valdez, and with two out, Maybin committed a three-base error on a fly ball from Chase Utley, that allowed Valdez to score. The error ended Johnson’s streak of consecutive scoreless innings, and tagged him with the loss, though the run was unearned. 

Clay Hensley and Leo Nunez tossed scoreless innings in relief of Johnson, but seeing as Doc wasn't being very generous with his offerings, it didn't really matter.

So the Marlins offensive woes continue. They have lost four in a row, are in their longest losing streak of the season, are two games under .500, and will be featured relentlessly in highlight reels all over the world as the team Halladay perfect game-ed Saturday night.

"It's a great feeling," said Halladay in a post-game press conference.

Well, Roy, I guess we'll just agree to disagree.