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Marlins Tickets for Marlins All-Star Votes

The Marlins I guess were a little embarrassed when the early All-Star voting was released and are taking things into their own hands.

...the Marlins are asking fans for help.

If a fan fills out 200 All-Star ballots, available at any of 30 locations around Sun Life Stadium, the Marlins will reward him or her with two tickets to an upcoming home game.

There's two caveats: All eight Marlins on the ballot must be voted for every time, and the ballots need to be turned in by the conclusion of the sixth inning.

The Marlins are offering smaller prizes for 50 or 100 completed b allots, such as a Hanley Ramirez figurine.

I'm guessing you have to fill-out all 200 while you are at the game.  Removing the cookie on your computer and voting 'til your heart's content, won't qualify.  Should you only get, say, 100 done while at the game, take them home with you and finish the task next game.  Then hand them all in together for the free seats.  It is just that easy.