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Fish Wrap - Marlins 1, White Sox 4

The Marlins offensive woes continued for another game.  In the last three games, the Fish have scored a grand total of three runs.  It doesn't matter what the pitchers do, there is no way to win a game if you can't score runs and not score them the Marlins did.

Gavin Floyd has been lit up like a christmas tree by every team he has faced this season.  But not by the Marlins.  I have never understood why every struggling pitcher can channel Cy Young when facing the Marlins.  Or is it the Marlins are a strange team, where they are all hot together and cold together?  I don't know.  Most normal teams have someone getting hot when another player is going cold.  But not the Marlins.  The Fish are either the most formidable offense one can face or the most anemic.  Go figure.

Anyways, Chris Volstad put up a quality start, though his control probably wasn't quite what he was hoping for, he did a pretty decent job.  He deserved better than being tagged with the loss, especially since there was no help from his friends with the bats.

In case you are wondering how the scoring went, and I can't imagine you are.  Here goes: Alex Rios drove home Gordon Beckham in the third to start the scoring.  This was after Beckham hit an infield single to third and stole second and made to it third on a wild pitch.

But that wasn't enough for the White Sox.  In the fifth Beckham was hit by a pitch and later in the inning Rios hit a two-run homer to give the White Sox a 3-0 lead.  And that was all they needed.

The Marlins finally scored in the seventh when Cameron Maybin singled home Wes Helms.  Which provided some solace in that the Marlins weren't going to be shutout again.

In the eighth the White Sox scored another run off Renyel Pinto, but it really didn't matter.

Hopefully the bats will heat up and the sooner the better.  I know it is cold in Chicago this time of year, and playing baseball in the cold sucks, but the team needs to start scoring some runs.  Let's face it, the Marlins haven't faced Steve Carlton and Bob Gibson in this series, but basically the opposite.  Hopefully, the Fish will right the ship in the next game.