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Hanley Ramirez's Apology

Hanley Ramirez made his formal apology to his teammates.

Said infielder Wes Helms: ``He went up to everybody individually and told us he was sorry, and he was wrong, and he wasn't going to let it happen again. Whatever way he does it, we just wanted him to do it.''


``I kind of said to him, `Hanley, you're better than that,' '' Helms said. ``He said, `I know, and I shouldn't have said the things I said, either.' From the way I got it, he apologized for everything.''

 I really like the fact that Hanley apologized to the players individually.  To me, that is so much better than giving a apologetic speech to the clubhouse as a whole.  When you personalize it, it means so much more.

All is forgiven, but probably not forgotten.  Forgetting takes a little more time.