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Scott Cousins hits for the cycle

Scott Cousins hit for the cycle last night for New Orleans.

Cousins became the first Zephyr to hit for the cycle in eight years as New Orleans snapped a six-game losing streak with an 8-3 triumph over the Oklahoma City RedHawks on Saturday.

The cycle came in the unconventional reverse order as Cousins led off the second inning with his second homer of the season, tripled leading off the fourth and doubled in the fifth. The 25-year-old outfielder was due up fourth in the ninth, but Gregorio Petit's one-out error gave him another shot at history.

"It was a broken bat," Cousins said of his single off Elizardo Ramirez. "He got me down with two strikes and my mind-set there is just to battle and put it in play. So I guess the bat died a hero."

Congrats Scott!

While we wonder and laugh at the Mets for never having a pitcher throw a no-hitter, the Marlins have never had a player, while with the big club, hit for the cycle.  One day it will happen, and who knows who it will be.  But is nice to see someone in the minors practicing up.  While I wouldn't put any money down that it will be Cousins, you never know.