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Chris Volstad also sings and dances

Besides throwing complete games, Chris Volstad has a history of singing and dancing on stage.

Clark Spencer has the story.

And there he was afterward, standing in front of his locker inside the Marlins clubhouse and telling reporters that yes, the in-game scoreboard information was indeed true, that he did in fact sing and dance at Palm Beach Gardens High School as a student there.

   "I did chorus my senior year of high school, and we put on a variety show," Volstad said. "I knew some of the girls in chorus and they didn't have any guys. So me and three or four of my buddies, who were just like 'Why not?' It counted for an elective. We had a lot of songs. We did an Elton John remix, like a jazz kind of remix."


Volstad said he has a videotape of the performance but won't let it out of his possession for fear it'll end up on YouTube.

 While I understand the desire of not wanting it to be shared with the world, I'm betting that Chris is not in possession of the only copy of the performance.  Now, perhaps his high school friends are much more considerate than mine and we will never see it.  And honestly, I have no desire to see it.  But I have little doubt it exist somewhere.

I once tried out for a high school production and ended in the perfect role for me, they let me take tickets at the door.