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Hawk Stages Intervention with Hanley

Add Andre Dawson to the list of people who are royally ticked off at Hanley Ramirez in the wake of the "dogging" incident. In fact, The Hawk was so angry after hearing Hanley's comments about Fredi and his team, that he staged an intervention with Ramirez, enlisting the help of his fellow hall of famer Tony Perez.

JoeCap gives us a fly-on-the-wall account of the meeting:

The door closed, and Andre Dawson looked directly into Hanley Ramirez's eyes.

"I'm not going to say a lot, because if you say the wrong the thing to me, then you might wind up on the floor on your rear end,' Dawson said with Tony Perez standing by his side in a coach's office at Sun Life Stadium.

For 15 minutes, Ramirez sat and listened as the two Hall of Famers, who also work as Marlins assistants, tried to assess for Ramirez exactly the damage he had done to himself by ripping into his manager for pulling him off the field Monday night because he didn't hustle.

You'll need to read the entire account to get the full effect, but for some reason, I picture this meeting taking place in "the box," Homicide: Life On the Street-style, with Hanley playing the role of the perp, and Dawson a slightly beefier, more intimidating version of detective Frank Pembleton. That couldn't have been a comfortable meeting to sit through.

Even the most avid fan of drama and controversy has got to be ready for this saga to blow over. Almost makes me wish another Tiger mistress would step forward...