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Hanley Ramirez Responds

Hanley Ramirez did an interview with the Media before yesterday's game and really didn't help his cause.  Jrsyeagle did a great job in keeping everyone informed in the comments, but in case you didn't see it, here they are.

Here is the transcript of the interview from the Miami Hearld:

Hanley Ramirez blasts Fredi Gonzalez for benching.

They also have a link to the raw audio.

This is what Fredi had to say, as transcribed by the Herald:

Fredi says Hanley needs to talk to his teammates.

This is from Joe Capozzi; his transcript is a little different.  I guess that happens when trying to put audio into text, but while there are duplications, read both, since it will probably give you the fuller view.

Hanley Ramirez won't apologize to Florida Marlins teammates, lost "little bit" of respect for manager.

Hanley is at times his own worst enemy.  But I guess esoterically speaking, we all are.

But I did like this answer by Hanley:

They thought that you were dogging it chasing that ball.
"We got a lot of people dogging it after ground balls. They don’t apologize.’’

The first step is admitting you were dogging it.  And then it proceeds from there.  This could take a few days.