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Hanley Ramirez benched for dogging a play

Hanley Ramirez may have set a new low for himself when he dogged a play in the second inning.

Here is the setting:  In the second inning the Diamondbacks had runners on first and second when Tony Abreu hit a bloop single that landed between Hanley Ramirez and Chris Coghlan.  In Hanley's pursuit of the ball he kicked into the left flied corner.  To this point, that's okay; it happens.  But what follows is not okay.  Hanley proceeded to chase the ball in a SLOW JOG, while the Diamondback runners circled the bases.

After the inning was over Fredi Gonzalez had a conversation with Hanley and took him out of the game.

Everyone who saw the play knew that Hanley just dogged it.  It had nothing to do with the foul ball off the shin in the first inning.  He just didn't care to put forth any effort.  Fredi did absolutely the correct thing in taking Hanley out of the game.  His little jog to go get the ball was inexcusable.  I realize there are Hanley apologist in the blogosphere, but there is no defense for this play.

Hanley has a history of showing an attitude of being indifferent to the team.  He was called out by Dan Uggla last season, which was the first time Hanley's lack of concern for the team was made public.  But honestly, that wasn't the first time he had displayed a prima donna attitude, and doubtful the first time he has been questioned.

Personally, I was happier with a gimpy Brian Barden at short for the rest of the night.  At least he is going to try.

Hanley Ramirez has all the physical tools to be a great player.  Maybe he has the potential to be best presently playing the game today.  But if he is going to be all about Hanley and not about the team winning, then there is a major problem.  Ramirez will never be a team leader in the clubhouse when he constantly displays a lack of effort.  No one follows someone who doesn't give a sh*t.

Clark Spencer put forth the following question on his blog:  Is it time to question Hanley Ramirez's heart?

Read the whole post by Mr. Spencer.  

Joe Capozzi has the transcript from the after the game press conference with Fredi.

"Whether he’s hurt or not hurt or whatever it was, we felt the effort wasn’t there that we wanted. There’s 24 guys out there busting their butts. Cody Ross got hit by a ball 95 miles an hour that wasn’t thrown any less slower and he stayed in the game. And battled and got two hits.

"You know what? There’s some injuries there but we expect an effort from 25 guys on this team and when that doesn’t happen we gotta do something."

There are more quotes from Fredi about the Hanley situation in the blog post.

Fredi was right to tell Hanley his night was over.  Now, whether it will make a difference as it seemingly did when Danny called him out last season, I don't know.  But I hope so.

If you didn't see the play, here it is.