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Fish Wrap - Marlins 1, Diamondbacks 5

It was a strange game last night and most of the strangeness was by the Marlins.  However, the Diamondbacks did have their moment.  

Chris Volstad got the start and he wasn't bad, but then again, he wasn't sharp.  The D'backs got on the board in the first inning when Conor Jackson doubled with one out and Steven Drew drove in him with single to center.  Sadly this  did forebode that anyone with the last name Jackson wearing a D'backs jersey was going to spell bad news.

The game got out of control in the second when Adam LaRoche singled to center and Chris Young walked.  With runners on first and second, Tony Abreu with 2 strikes hit a bloop to left that fell between Chris Coghlan and Hanley Ramirez.  Normally, that wouldn't be a big deal until Hanley booted the ball into the left field corner and LaRoche and Young scored with Abreu advancing to third.  (More about this play later.)  Abreu scored when John Hester, singled to center to give the D'backs a 4-0 lead.  And as it turns out, that would be all they needed.

In Chris Volstads defense, he was inducing ground balls at the time, as he did for much of the game.  But, unfortunately, the ground balls had eyes and avoided the Marlins defense.

When the Marlins were at the plate they never solved Edwin Jackson.  Oh sure, everyone else in the league has had a career day against him this season, but not the Marlins.  Jackson was wild in the zone and out of it and if the truth be told, the Marlins got themselves out.  The hitters couldn't identify most anything he was throwing nor where it was going, but they weren't the only ones, neither could the D'backs catcher.  The Fish basically just swung at anything and Jackson ended up with twelve strikeouts.

Normally, this would lead to a sad tale of a game that should be forgotten.  And perhaps it should be.  However, Cody Ross and Cameron Maybin each made spectacular catches in the field.  (Cody's catch.  Maybin's catch.)    Both catches were in the top five in Baseball Tonight's Web Gems.  Though neither will win because of what Elvis Andrus did.  But they were great efforts nonetheless.  If that wasn't enough, there was Abreu sliding into second to only end up standing on Dan Uggla's glove while Danny tucked the ball in.  You can watch the play here.


The Marlins finally got on the board in the ninth when Cody Ross singled home Jorge Cantu.

But really, the Marlins didn't do anything on offense all night.  Those nights happen and they tend to happen to the Fish more often if a pitcher isn't around the plate.  And last night was no exception.  But there is a reason we play 162 of these things and that is so these things will eventually even out.