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Fish Wrap - Marlins 2, Mets 1

With two of the best pitchers in the National League starting Thursday night at Sun Life Stadium, it shouldn't be a surprise that the game came down to a single pitch. 

After breaking even on their road trip, the Fish were back home to kick off a four game series with the Mets, and aces Josh Johnson and Johan Santana squared off on the mound.

JJ and Johan both put in great performances, essentially matching each other pitch for pitch. Both tossed seven strong innings, both gave up a single run, and the pitchers even matched each other's defensive skills, with each committing a throwing error in the game.

JJ was only slightly more dominant than Santana, recording four more strikeouts (7), and giving up three fewer hits (3). At one point Josh sat down twelve in a row, but he was also the first starter to give up a run, with the Mets scoring in the second inning on an RBI single from Rod Barajas.

The Fish tied it up in the bottom of the third when Gaby Sanchez--who was 3-for-3 against Santana--singled and scored on an RBI hit from Chris Coghlan.

With the game tied up at one run apiece, the bullpens picked up right where JJ and Johan left off. Clay Hensley and Fernando Nieve both tossed scoreless frames in the eighth inning, and Leo Nunez handled a mildly nerve-wracking top of the ninth, stranding Castillo in scoring position to hold the score.

In the bottom of the inning, it was Cody Ross who delivered the walk-off win. Cody drew a walk off of Nieve, advanced to third on Ronny Paulino's single, and then scored on a wild pitch to Dan Uggla to end the game. 

Not quite as sexy as a walk-off home run to chants of "Co-dy! Co-dy! Co-dy!", but whatever gets the job done.