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Doug Mientkiewicz gone

Doug Mientkiewicz has decided to pack his bags and look for greener pasturers elsewhere.

Doug Mientkiewicz’s stay in New Orleans lasted one day less than expected when he opted to be released by the Florida Marlins organization on Thursday. The longtime former major leaguer spent less than a week with the Zephyrs, appearing in just four games.

The Marlins had until Friday to either call him up to the big-league team or allow his 10-day contract to expire. Apparently Mientkiewicz, 35, saw the writing on the wall and decided to call it quits a day early. He was 4-for-16 during his brief stretch with the Zephyrs with one double, one RBI and one run scored.

It really isn't all that surprising since he still wants to play the game at highest level, and unfortunately for the South Florida native, there just wasn't any room for him on the 25-man roster of the Marlins.

Naturally, we wish him all the best.  An AL club is probably his best bet.  It is always heart warming when a player in the twilight of his career wants to keep playing because he loves doing so.  But being a Marlin just wasn't in the cards.