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Doug Mientkiewicz soon to be gone?

In last night's game Doug Mientkiewicz started in left field for the Zephyrs and had this to say about it.

In a bit of an odd move, longtime Major Leaguer Doug Mientkiewicz will start in left field as opposed to his typical first baseman role. Mientkiewicz said he will only be with the Zephyrs until Friday as the Marlins have until then to decide whether or not to promote Mientkiewicz from New Orleans or he will be released.

The only way Doug will be brought up by Friday is if Bryan Petersen is sent down.  Mientkiewicz hasn't exactly been tearing up Triple-A.   His overall slash stats are .250/.333/.313.  But granted, that is only in 16 AB.  His slash stats against righties is .250/.357/.333 in 12 AB.

I don't know who set the time table, whether it was Doug or the Marlins.  But the way it looks to me, there is no room at the inn.  If I had to guess, Doug and his agent set the time table, so in case it didn't workout with the Marlins he could catch on with another team.  The idea that he would be an insurance policy in case Gaby got hurt seems moot at this point.  Gaby is doing well, and the Marlins have two other players on the 25-man who can field first.  Not to mention left field is covered, especially since Chris Coghlan recently has found his stroke again.  And there is no way the team the team would let him play center or right.  I mean after all, the front office can't be that brain dead, and they are not.

Forget the field, if the Marlins do promote him at the expense of Petersen, he will just be a lefty bat off the bench to pinch hit against right-handed pitchers.  This could happen since Petersen who has shown little signs of hitting major league pitching, but really, he hasn't gotten a fair shake to this point.  He has had only 9 AB and one start.  The kid is only 24 and it does take some time to adjust.

While I do agree with the theory that veterans make the best pinch hitters, I'm not so sure the Marlins will be improved if Dougie is brought up.

Come Friday, we will know how if Mientkiewicz is still with the Marlins organization.

On a personal note: I hope not, because I have the hardest time spelling his last name.