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Marlins videos on You Tube

Joe Capozzi read the instructions on how to make videos with his iPhone and went to town yesterday.

Florida Marlins Triple Feature: Steve Bartman seat, dugout head-smack, Ernie Harwell

Of course, the Marlins didn't win game six of the series against the Cubs because of Steve Bartman.  I mean, after all, there was only one out when the play in the stands happened and there was no guarantee that Alou would catch the ball.  The play that kept the Marlins alive in the inning was when Gonzalez muffed a play at short.  Alex S. Gonzalez got very lucky that he didn't come away as the "goat" in that game.  But the nonetheless, it was worth the trip to find the seat.

Give the videos a look see.  Personally, I don't have an iPhone, so I have no idea how hard it is to record a video on one.  But Joe Cap took the time to learn and to share.  So that should be rewarded.