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Cameron Maybin still learning Center Field

Cameron Maybin is still learning how to play Center Field in all parks under all conditions.

With the wind blowing unpredictably and trash swirling throughout Citi Field, conditions were less than favorable for outfielders Monday. Center fielder Cameron Maybin will be the first to attest to that.

Maybin had trouble with three fly balls that fell in for hits, balls he said he typically would catch under normal conditions.

And, to top everything off, he struck out three times against Mets ace Johan Santana.

``You've got to look back on the day and move on fast,'' Maybin said.

Maybin had two fly balls drop in front of him and another sail over his head on an afternoon when all the outfielders battled the wind.

Not really surprising.  Forget the striking out three times against Santana most every hitter has done that.  The problem lies with him in the field, for now.  He has the skills to be an excellent outfielder, but since I have been watching him, he has yet to show it.  (Granted, I didn't see him play on Opening Day since sucks.)  But that aside, he sometimes looks lost in the outfield, defensively.  Fortunately for him, he has the speed to make adjustments and run down balls he breaks badly on, occasionally.  But when the summer comes in JRS, the winds and the rain getting into his eyes won't be any kinder.

It is true early on it will be a trial by fire, and the Marlins organization is going to stick with him for next to forever, but if he can learn quickly, and I have no reason to believe he can't, he should end up being okay.  (Word of warning, never say "okay" to GameFish.  It doesn't go over well.  Or at least it doesn't for me.  Something gives me the idea I'm about to get my butt kicked.)  Anyway, back to story at hand: Maybin is going to have a patrol a lot of ground in JRS and not to mention Turner Field, Tax Payer stadium amongst many others.  He can do it, but it may be a bit ugly at the beginning.