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Travel Day Chum Bucket

Normally I would say the Marlins are traveling to New York to start the season against the Mets tomorrow.  But the truth be told is that they are already there.  And since they are, I have some advice for them:  Come Monday, Take the 7 Train North.  Of course this is assuming they are staying where they normally do when in the Big Apple, but I bet they are.

In the meantime, we are left with a Chum Bucket as we await the start of the baseball season.  Forget that crap about the Yankees and the Red Sox throwing the first pitch of the season, who cares.  They play each other about 127 times a year and they are all televised, just like we care.  I have news for everyone, who isn't a FishStriper, the season doesn't start until the Marlins take the field.

In the meantime, feel free to comment on anything that crosses your mind.  That is what we have Chum Buckets for.

And as always, have a Great Day!