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Brian Sanches out with a hamstring injury

Brian Sanches injured his right hamstring last night and this is not good.

RHP Brian Sanches pulled his right hamstring while warming up for the bottom of the seventh inning tonight in Jacksonville. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he was concerned because the pull happened in the upper part of the hamstring.

"Usually when it’s higher up, it can be more severe than in the middle of the hamstring, or lower," Gonzalez said.

Sanches told the Miami Herald, "The top of my hamstring kind of grabbed on me. I felt it kind of pop a little bit. I went to kind of throw another one and it wouldn’t let me do it.

"I don’t have a lot of experience [with hamstring injuries]. But when it rolls like that or pops like that, it’s definitely something to worry about. Hamstrings are kind of nagging like that anyway. If it ends up being a strain, it will take 10 days to heal. There’s no good time. But this is a really bad time."

Yeah, it is a really bad time.  And let me help you out with something, if you heard a pop then it is going to take a lot longer than 10 days.  I have done this, back when I thought massive exercise was more than me getting up off my butt and walking to the fridge, and it sure as heck took a lot longer than 10 days to heal.  Expect Sanches to soon appear on the 15-day DL and don't be surprised if he stays on it for much longer than 15-days.  Once the Marlins start getting position starters off the DL, either Tim Wood or Rick VandenHurk will be recalled.  Given what the Chief was slated to do, I would expect that Tim Wood will get the call.  VandenHurk is a starter by trade and I don't think the club will interrupt his development as one at this point in the season.