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Vote on Chris Coghlan's walk-up song

Chris Coghlan wants you to vote on his walk-up song. We tweeted Chris last night and he said he would like us to put up a poll and let you help make the decision on his walk-up song for this season. He will pick the song that wins in the poll. While we don't have the capabilities to give you the exact excerpt being decided on, well, actually we do since GameFish knows how to do that, but she is drag racing her Honda tonight. Yes, GameFish is featured in a drag race tonight. Anyways, it comes down to two songs, one being the Song of the South he used last season and a potential new one from Lecrae. So if you can find a way to listen to the 9 seconds of each song do that and then register your vote.

Listen to "Souled Out" by Lecrae

Listen to "Song of the South" by Alabama

Note: This poll will remain on top until Chris tells us to close it.