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Marlins meeting New Zealand Cricket Team

The Florida Marlins will be meeting the New Zealand  Black Caps later this season.  And no, not for a game.  I hope.

New Zealand Cricket boss Justin Vaughan predicts the Black Caps will play annually in Florida, starting next month against Sri Lanka.

After the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup, New Zealand and Sri Lanka will stop off in the United States and play three Twenty20 games.

They will make history in the process as it will be the first time two full test-playing nations have played in the United States.

Essentially the two countries are acting under orders as the International Cricket Council looks to grow the game beyond the major test playing nations.

"We'd like to think the Black Caps would play there annually," Vaughan said.


It is a move that keeps NZC in the good books with the ICC and the players are showing no resistance because many of them are baseball fans and an arrangement has been made for them to spend some time around the Florida Marlins.

That's cool.  Just as long as they don't teach the Marlins pitchers that straight arm bowling technique.  And come to think about it, the Marlins also don't need to learn how to start carrying their bat with them to run the bases.  MLB frowns on that.