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Jason Stark on Jorge Cantu

In Jason Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings he had this to say about Jorge Cantu.

How many hitters in baseball are more underrated than Marlins hit factory Jorge Cantu? He may not be Albert Pujols. But he's the only player in the National League who has gotten a hit in every game this season. He has more extra-base hits (10) than singles (eight). He's second in the league in RBIs. He's hitting .429 with men in scoring position. And as we mentioned last week, the only NL hitters with more RBIs than Cantu since the 2009 All-Star break are Ryan Howard, Ryan Braun, Matt Kemp and Prince Fielder.

"He's our most professional hitter," his hitting coach, Jim Presley, told Rumblings. "He's got the same approach every day. He never deviates from it. They may get him out, but he's got an uncanny ability to get the barrel [of the bat] to the ball. … You never see him ground out to third, ground out to short, pop the ball up. He's always putting the barrel on it and having a good swing. And anything the pitchers try to do with him, he makes adjustments like that. It doesn't take him two days to adjust. It takes him an at-bat or two.

"He's our best hitter besides Hanley Ramirez," Presley said. And if you're the "second-best" hitter on the Florida Marlins, that's still high praise.

If you go back to last season Cantu has had a hit in the last 19 games.  Don't want to even imagine what the season record would be without him in the lineup.

If you read the article, and really, what else do you have to do, if scroll on down  past the Cantu piece there is a blurb about Nate Robertson comparing Josh Johnson to Justin Verlander.  Give it a look see.