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The Marlins third catcher

In case you were wondering who was the Marlins emergency catcher, and I can't believe you were, now you know.

Gaby Sanchez and Mike Lamb caught bullpen sessions Tuesday just in case.

Catcher Ronny Paulino has been bothered by a tight quadriceps muscle. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Paulino could pinch hit – although he cannot run too well - and catch, but he would rather not use him.

Sanchez caught in 24 minor league games, as recently as 2007. Lamb appeared in three major league games as a catcher in 2002. During their bullpen, Sanchez caught Ricky Nolasco and Lamb caught Anibal Sanchez.

"He had to work harder than I did," Lamb said. "He caught curveballs and sliders. I only caught fastballs."

Gonzalez said the first option to catch would be Sanchez.

"Good for him," Lamb said. "I’m okay with that."

Congratulations Gaby!  I truly hope we never see Gaby behind the plate, not that he isn't a good enough athlete to do it, it just that if Ricky breaks off one of those splitters, or whatever he calls it, Gaby is going to look like a deer caught in the headlights.