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Marlins Opening Day Roster?

The Marlins opening day roster is starting to take shape.

From Clark Spencer:

...the Marlins roster was all but officially set on Thursday when backup infielders Brian Barden and Mike Lamb were told they would make the club barring any unexpected injuries or trades.

However, because of constraints with their 40-man roster, the only move announced by the club was selecting pitcher Clay Hensley to the 40-man roster. Though they have only one remaining open spot on their 40-man roster, the Marlins must create room for Barden, Lamb and reliever Jose Veras.

The Marlins told outfielder Bryan Petersen, catcher Brad Davis and infielder Donnie Murphy that they would be headed to Triple A New Orleans. They also told infielder Hector Luna that he would not be making the club.

The first part of the article deals with Cody Ross' injury, basically saying if he is not ready he won't push it and risk re-aggravating the injury.  Which is very smart on his part.

But given the material presented, the Marlins are planning for Cody and Brett Carroll to start the season on the 15-day DL.  The Marlins are going to carry 12 position players on the 25-man roster, which leaves 4 bench spots.  One goes to whomever isn't catching that day.  Another goes to Wes Helms.  A third to Emilio Bonifacio, though I often wonder why he isn't in the minors playing every day.  And the last to the back up outfielder.  In order for Barden and Lamb to both be on the team, it requires that Cody and BC start the season on the DL, or the numbers don't work.  This also means that the Marlins have no intention of calling up Miller or Cousins.  So as it looks right now, Bonifacio will probably start in right and the bench will be catcher, Helms, Barden and Lamb.

Which means Barden and/or Lamb will be only with the club while Cody and BC remain on the DL.  Not exactly the ideal way to start the season, but it could be worse.  I suppose.