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Chris Leroux gets an autograph

Chris Leroux left Philadelphia with more than his luggage.

Relief pitcher Chris Leroux collected the autographed baseball he was hoping to get from Phillies ace Roy Halladay on Sunday morning. Leroux, who grew up a huge Blue Jays fan in Toronto, said his mom made a special request to get it.

``He didn't personalize it,'' Leroux said. ``But I'm still pretty sure my mom is going to love it. I'm not sure where she's going to put it. She might sleep with it.''

I'm glad that Chris got the autograph but I'm still having a hard time understanding why Halladay didn't personalize it.  It isn't like Leroux is just some fan who gathered outside the entrance to the clubhouse and wanting a players autograph.  He is a member of the fraternity of professional baseball players and it seems like some professional courtesy was do.  I'm sure Halladay gets these requests all the time and it can be a bother but this was from a fellow professional baseball player asking for it for his mom.

Oh well, in the end mom got her autograph and that is really the important thing.