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Missing the Teal Monster?

Missing the Teal Monster as a source of out of town games scores, well, forget about it.

Marlins president David Samson said the team is looking for ways to bring back an out of town scoreboard.

"We’re looking at other possible ways to get the out of town scores together and displayed better than we have now," Samson said.

Samson said the old scoreboards were removed because they were not functional and the technology was so out of date it would have cost "millions" to replace.

Out of town scores are displayed only on the ribbon scoreboard, but one game at a time. The former scoreboard had every game in progress.

There is no stinking way the Marlins or the owners of the stadium are going to put any money into bringing it back.  The Marlins have all their free cash tied up in the new stadium,  and waiting for the cost overruns.  The present owners of JRS just want us gone and they sure as heck aren't going to invest anything.

So later in the season, should you be at the game and scoreboard watching, the only place you will see the scores is on the ribbon display.  Yeah, I know that sucks, but it is what it is.


Once the team gets to its new home, things will change.