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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Dodgers at Marlins (4/10)

Next Game

Los Angeles Dodgers
@ Florida Marlins

Saturday, Apr 10, 2010, 7:10 PM EDT
Sun Life Stadium

Vicente Padilla vs Josh Johnson

Partly cloudy,rain. Winds blowing in from center field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 75.

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Josh Johnson

#55 / Pitcher / Florida Marlins





Jan 31, 1984

Vicente Padilla

#44 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Sep 27, 1977

If you ever see the words "Sun Life Stadium" written on this blog, please know that GameFish wrote them. Nothing wrong with that. She pays attention to this stuff and actually knows the name of stadium. And yes, for the past few days GameFish has been writing everything. (Thank you GameFish.) Personally, I have no idea what "Sun Life" is. Is that like Sunny D? Not that it matters, the place will always be JRS to me. GameFish is always very accurate and reports accordingly, as opposed to me, who just makes stuff up.

Anyways, the Marlins are looking to even the series tonight. Hopefully JJ will pitch a little better than he did on Opening Day. I'm sure he will, 'cause he is going to become himself eventually. But even if he doesn't, the bullpen team of Hensley, Veras and Pinto have to be spent and won't be seen in tonight's game. Thank God.

It is the first Super Saturday of the season so pick up your Marlins Rally Flag, watch the fireworks and then listen to Nelly, Kevin Rudolph, Willy Chirino and the New Boyz after the game. That is assuming you attend. As for me, if everything remains the same, I will be cussing at But to each his own.

Ichthyomancy is kinda, sorta ready.

Best of Luck to You!

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
3.3seconds 33,333 Uggla JJ: 1 ER
Architect 25,676 JJ Marlins: 11+ H
Boozer 39,876 Hanley Marlins: back-to-back HR
Brickell 37,564 Hanley Marlins: 5+ R
Bronzeagle 37,021 Hanley Marlins R = 3x Dodgers R
Bumppo 38,700 JJ JJ IP+K > Padilla: JJ H+ER < Padilla
Colombo 40,002 JJ Marlins only score in even number inn.
Cpmustangs 38,224 Gaby JJ IP ≥ 2x Padilla IP
Dgriot 34,500 Uggla JJ: QS, W
Evermoresg 39,620 Coghlan Cantu: HR, 2 RBI
FishFilet 38,432 Gaby Marlins XBH > Dodgers XBH
FishFirst 35,499 Uggla Gaby: HR
Fluxuation 38,909 JJ Marlins: never trail
Gator4life 28,354 Ross Ross: 3 R HR
Guitarist 31,399 Uggla Marlins: 0 E
HadMatter 37,000 Cantu Marlins: 10+ H
Hurricane 30,287 JJ Cantu: 1+ XBH
Jrsyeagle 39,102 Hanley JJ; 5+ K, OB
LadyFish 32,414 JJ Padilla: IP < 7; Marlins: 1+ HR
Mscaa 39,546 Hanley Marlins: W by 3+ R
Ocelotfox 32,150 Cantu JJ: QS
Orlando Rays
Pepsidude 33,456 Coghlan Coghlan+Hanley+Cantu=4+ H
Port305 35,000 JJ JJ: CG, SHO
Spud 31,111 Cantu Marlins: XBH+SB=5
Tdp992 45,000 JJ Marlins: 7+ R
UggsNotDrugs 33,618 Hanley JJ: K > H+BB
Volstud 30,000 Coghlan BBTN: web gem
Xqulles 35,600 JJ Marlins: 7+ H