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FishStripes CBSSports Fantasy League

Oh, this is going to be interesting.  CBSSports has offered us a free Commissioner's League Fantasy Baseball League, a $180 value.  Part of the deal was either GameFish or I had to run it, we flipped a coin and I lost, uh, I mean I won.  So I guess I am coming out of retirement.  I played fantasy baseball for about a decade and finished second nine years in-a-row, until I finally won the league and then I quit.

Honestly, it was not so much that I won I quit, it was just I started writing for FishStripes.  But I guess I'm back in the game.  There are 11 spots open in the league, unless GameFish wants to play and then there are only ten.  I guess the best way to handle this is the first ten or eleven who contact me are good to go.  If I'm not sure who has contacted me first, time adjusted, I will probably give the benefit of the doubt to first time fantasy players.

So if you consider yourself a pro, or just wanting to see what fantasy baseball is all about, this is your time to shine.   Fantasy baseball is probably the best way to learn all of the players in the game.  And I am told that the CBSSports format is maybe the best there is.  Personally, I have never played it before, but am interested in seeing it.

Should you win the league you will win a prize, which has yet to be determined.  It won't be as cool as winning Ichthyomancy, but it will be something.

If you didn't get in time to make the FishStripes league, you could always start your own to die for league on CBSSports.  All you have to do is click on the following link and you will get it for half-price.

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