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Miami Marlins Curling Team?

(Via Photi at Fish Chunks)

There is really a Miami Marlins curling team and they are doing quite well.

The Miami Marlins boys curling team is looking to make the most of their opportunity when they compete at the Manitoba High School Provincial Boys Curling Championships March 4-6 in Morden/Winkler.

The Miami School team of Travis Friesen (skip), Mathew Peters (third), John Hughes (second) and Kelby Friesen (lead), earned their spot at provincials by winning the Zone 4 title last month in Portage la Prairie by defeating Garden Valley Collegiate.

Curling has always been a favorite sport of mine, though I've never played it or seen it live.  But when I was 16 I was first exposed to it and have loved it ever since.  I could go on and on and make this post very, very long but we have a baseball game to play.

So I guess there is only one thing left to say: Go Fish!